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Wintertime & Snow

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Wintertime in Minnesota means snow, and sometimes lots of it. Please see below for our winter regulations and read more about our guidelines for snow and ice control.

Snow Removal and Parking Enforcement

  • A Falcon Heights snow removal period begins automatically whenever there is new snowfall of two inches or more, not when the snow stops falling.
  • There will be no announcement on the radio or TV.
  • St. Paul and Minneapolis snow emergencies do NOT apply to Falcon Heights.
  • The snow removal period ends 72 hours after it has stopped snowing or when the streets have been plowed full-width.
  • All parked vehicles must be removed from the street during a snow removal period. Vehicles left on the street during a snow emergency are considered a public nuisance and are subject to being ticketed and towed. Streets must be clear and open for emergency vehicle access.
  • During large snow events, the Public Works Department will often plow multiple times during the event. If streets have been plowed once but an additional two inches of snow has fallen, cars must remain off the street. If you have any questions about the snow removal period, please contact City Hall.


Sidewalks must be cleared by the adjacent property owner(s). City Code states that sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours after a storm has ended. Snow and ice that is not cleared could result in a nuisance violation and abatement by the city, billed to the adjacent property owner(s).


Like sidewalks, alleys must be cleared by the adjacent property owner(s).

In Falcon Heights, property owners usually get together as a block and hire a snow plowing service, pre-paid for the season. Divided among all owners, the cost is usually very reasonable.

New residents should talk to their neighbors or seek out their Neighborhood Liaison to find out the arrangements for their block. If you do not know who your Neighborhood Liaison is, call City Hall, 651-792-7600 during office hours.