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Service Line Warranty Program

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  • Service Line Warranty

    • Is the Service Line Warranty Program a City of Falcon Heights Program?

    • Why am I getting letters about this insurance?

    • Why is the City seal on these mailings?

    • Why would the City make such an agreement with a private company?

    • Is it mandatory I sign up for this insurance program?

    • How do I opt out of letters regarding the Service Line Warranty Program?

    • How did the warranty company get my address?

    • Will the company be selling my address to other insurance companies or third parties?

    • Why didn't the City send an explanation letter first to inform residents of the program?

    • I live in Falcon Heights but get water from St. Paul. Can I still sign up?

    • Why would I need this? Isn't the City responsible if water or sewer lines break or fail?

    • What could go wrong with my water and sewer lines?

    • I have copper pipes. Don't those last forever?

    • Doesn't my homeowner's insurance already cover this?

    • What's the average cost when there is a problem?

    • How much is the monthly fee?

    • If I sign up, will the cost be added to my utility bill?

    • Can you tell me about what's covered and what's excluded? What are the coverage caps?

    • What if I have more questions about the warranty program?

    • What if I have more questions about the City's water and sewer lines?