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City Council 2019 Priorities

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Each year, Falcon Heights City Council hold a retreat in which it determines the top priorities for the year. The priorities will have significant budgetary impact for 2019 and the future stability of the City.  Below is the list of City Council 2019 and beyond priorities.

2019 Priorities

1. Financial Stability - Develop Comprehensive Finance Plan
2. City Infrastructure โ€“ Streets
3. City Buildings and Parks
4. Fire Services (Fire Contract for Lauderdale and  Fire Department Organization/Structure)
5. Cultivating a Caring Community Efforts
6. Police Service Contract

Future Discussion Items

1  Single Hauler
2. Xcel Franchise Fee โ€“ Revenue
3. AirBnb โ€“ long-term and short-term rental
4. Blue/Red Ocean Strategies

More Information 

For more information on any project, please contact City Administrator Sack Thongvanh at 651-792-7611 or